Birds are lovely, but it’s annoying when they make a mess on your deck railing or build nests there. Don’t worry, there are ways to keep them away without hurting them. Let’s explore some easy and kind solutions to make your deck a bird-free zone.

  1. Use Bird Spikes: Bird spikes are like little barriers you can put on your railing. They won’t hurt the birds, but they’ll stop them from perching and making a mess.
  2. Hang Shiny Stuff: Birds get scared by shiny objects. Hang old CDs, aluminum foil strips, or wind chimes near your deck. The shiny reflections will keep the birds away.
  3. Try Bird Netting: Bird netting is a gentle way to protect your deck. It’s like a fence that keeps birds from landing and nesting. Just make sure to put it up properly.
  4. Fake Predators: Birds are afraid of predators. You can place fake owls or hawks around your deck to scare them off. But remember to move them from time to time, or the birds will figure out they’re not real.
  5. Motion-Activated Devices: Install devices that turn on when they sense movement. They can spray water or make noise to scare the birds away. Birds will learn to avoid your deck because of the sudden surprises.
  6. Keep It Clean: Birds are attracted to food scraps. So, make sure to keep your deck clean. Clean up any bird droppings too, as they can be harmful to the deck.
  7. Offer a Bird Feeder: If you like feeding birds, put a bird feeder away from your deck. This way, they’ll be drawn to the feeder instead of your railing.


You can have a beautiful and bird-free deck with some simple tricks. Use bird spikes, shiny stuff, netting, or fake predators to keep the birds away without hurting them. Motion-activated devices can also help, and remember to keep your deck clean. If you want to feed the birds, put up a bird feeder away from the deck. Enjoy your deck without any bird troubles!