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We have been installing Aluminum railings throughout Toronto for decades. We are your go-to source for Aluminum columns in Toronto.

Aluminum columns come in round and square shapes, various sizes, and colors, and can be used for decoration or structural purposes. Our triple and double Aluminum columns give your house a traditional railing look with a contemporary twist. All of our Aluminum columns coordinate flawlessly with our glass and Aluminum railings.


Applications Of Aluminum Columns

Your home’s worth and visual appeal will enhance by replacing the outside with brand-new Aluminum columns. We have erected countless Aluminum columns for contented homeowners, and we take extra care to keep your vision in mind.

Any home or estate entry is complemented by the adaptable smooth column with complementary capitals and bases. These structural columns are available in varying sizes

Aluminum Porch Columns

A lightweight, load-bearing solution for porches, Aluminum porch columns from Aluminum Columns Toronto also enhance the curb appeal of your house. To be a stylish, self-supporting element for porches, entrances, driveway overhangs, and many other applications, we devised our Aluminum column wraps.

For low upkeep, simple cleaning, and a stunning white uniform appearance, these Aluminum support columns are covered with a baked-on enamel finish. These metal porch columns are made of a durable material that won’t decay, warp, or split as wood does.

Aluminum Column Gates

Aluminum column gates are the ideal option in many contexts because they combine modern functionality with a traditional aesthetic. Aluminum column gates require no maintenance, maintain the style and provide support for the weight. They can be used as a quick renovation wrap-around canopy or as a standalone structure. There are numerous cap and base designs, which opens up a wide range of personalization possibilities.

Types Of Aluminum Columns

Aluminum columns will add the finishing touch that sets the remarkable out from the ordinary, whether the work is new construction or remodeling. Aluminum columns are available in a wide range of sizes to fit any structure.

Aluminum Columns Fluted

Aluminum Columns are used to support overhanging constructions without impeding views of nature in porches, entryways, gazebos, and other places.

Throughout history, columns have supported a variety of architectural elements thanks to their durability and strength. The beauty of our columns depends on preserving conventional elements and architecture. Any commercial or residential building benefits from the quality and beauty that Superior Aluminum columns bring to all design idioms.

Aluminum Square Columns

Square columns—including fluted columns, plain columns, and panel columns—are often of the Neoclassical style, in contrast to round columns, which draw inspiration from the timeless, classic design of Greek and Roman architecture. These columns, which are naturally load-bearing, are perfect for use inside or outside in structures like support columns, pillars, colonnades, porch posts, balconies, decks, and gazebos. Don’t be fooled by our Aluminum columns’ load-bearing capabilities. They work as well for building purposes. To utilise them as decorative columns, column coverings, or pilasters, order them split. column made of Aluminum.

Aluminum Columns Smooth

All columns, caps, and bases are available in various styles. Each of them can be altered to have any diameter, length, and finish that is required. Whether you refer to them as columns, pillars, posts, or poles, Superior has what you need to get the job done correctly!

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